Getting arrested is an uneasy process.

Fortunately, Seth I. Koslow of SIK Law can be there for you from the very beginning, which is the Arraignment.

Our experienced defense attorney has helped hundreds of clients facing Arraignment hearings for cases involving domestic violence, DWI,/DUI, or possession in Forest Hills, New Hyde Park, Mineola, NY, and throughout New York and Long Island.

What You Need to Know About Arraignments:

1. When do Arraignments Occur? Arraignments are held within a reasonable time after an arrest has been made.

2. When do I hire an attorney? As soon as a person is arrested, or believes that they are going to be arrested is when you should contact a attorney.

3. What Happens at an Arraignment? During an arraignment the accused defendant is called before court to be informed of the accused charges and the Judge will decided if a bail will set. The Arraignment process varies across different states, In New York City, the procedures of Arraignments vary among counties. In Queens, Arraignments usually occur within twenty-four hours after a person has been arrested, with some exceptions. In Queens, Arraignments are held 365 days per year.

4. What are the next steps, after the Arraignment? Consultant with your attorney and be sure to ask questions every step away.

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