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Seth was easy to talk to and gave great guidance by quickly offering various solutions to my problem. He's so good that I [almost] want to go out and commit a crime just so he can represent me! Highly recommend!



Mr. Koslow, I have to say has been the most efficient, kindest, patient , knowledgeable attorney that I have ever had. He truly , listens and works out the best solution possible: the best case scenario. My case was a ridiculous case and he made sure the court recognized it as such. He advocated for me when other lawyers ( that I have had prior) were afraid to do so. I would recommend him to any person needing to hire a great attorney. I am really just so floored at how he made sure things turned out well for me, because of his expertise and persistence toward the court to recognize nonsense arrests. I will sing this man's praises forever, and I am truly, grateful for all that he has done for me.
He needs a billboard, end of story!!