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Unfortunately, the gun laws in New York may not be the same as those in your home state. When you travel here in the legal possession of a gun, you could be arrested because of more stringent New York laws. Seth I. Koslow of SIK Law can come to your aid to protect your rights in Forest Hills, Mineola, and Queens NY.

If you’re arrested at LaGuardia or JFK Airport for gun possession charges because you were unaware of the laws in New York, contact a criminal defense attorney in Forest Hills, Mineola, or Queens, NY as soon as possible.

Protect your Second Amendment rights by contacting Seth I. Koslow of SIK Law today.

Gun Control Forest Hills, NY

We'll go over all the rules and exceptions

As an out-of-state resident, you’re prohibited from carrying, possessing or transporting a handgun in or through the state without a New York approved license. Attorney Koslow will build a defense by considering the following: 

  • Was the firearm loaded?
  • Was the weapon found on or near you?
  • Was the weapon operable?

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